Military Resources

From Barracks to Campus, Manufacturers of The Future Supports Military Service Men and Women!

Our program is assisting service people make the transition from military life to academia. BobCAD provides them with the tools they need to get on the path to a new and successful career with our Manufacturers of the Future program. Working to find solutions to the growing concerns in the industry, we have made the software accessible to educators, students and military alike. The program has been put in place to assist in the success of service men & women into the civilian workforce.

Educational Director Alex Cole, is very passionate about doing anything he can to support our troops in traversing the span between military and civilian life by offering the tools for career focused technical education. Additionally, we make it possible for the students to graduate with a full enterprising system of BobCAD software without breaking the bank. BobCAD-CAM's mission is to aid veterans in receiving a higher education.
Contact us today for more information on Manufacturers of The Future programs for Armed Forces service people at 844-529-0660.