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What is CAD/CAM?
Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing software provides the programming automation necessary to innovate and deliver products to market faster and easier than ever before. Discover ways to improve your CNC productivity with CAD/CAM software today!
Solutions for Teachers
The Manufacturers of The Future program is a mutli-dynamic solution that includes CAD/CAM technology, Training Materials and services that make teaching CNC programming simple. Educators are never left behind with this new program. Learn more about what Manufacturers of The Future can do for you.
"Work-Ready" for Students
The Manufacturers of The Future program expands to the student "Work-Ready" program. As students graduate and enter their new manufacturing workforce, we ensure that they do so with the latest BobCAD-CAM software that they used to learn their trade. Learn more today!

Manufacturers of the Future
Student Portal
Connect with fellow students on the manufacturing career path to discuss industry news, ask questions, and share innovative ideas.
Manufacturers of the Future
Educator Portal
Join your fellow educators to share and discuss manufacturing curriculums, project ideas, industry news, and academic/career opportunities.


"We at Cleveland Industrial Training Center, have been teaching CNC machining since 1993. About 4 years ago we integrated CAD/CAM BobCAD) training into our CNC program. After evaluating many other CAD/CAM products we chose BobCAD. BobCAD offered great support and service, their software both CAD and CAM, produced quality results, the price was pleasing, but most of all it is an easy teach/learn product." - T. C. I Instructor | Cleveland Industrial Training Center – Cleveland, OH