5 Reasons Why Teachers Love the Manufacturers of the Future CAD-CAM Program

    June 12th, 2015        Posted In: Articles, News, Uncategorized   
Manufacturers of the Future CAD-CAM CNC Software

CAD-CAM software is a critical component of CNC manufacturing and metalworking due in large part to its ability to automate the design and manufacturing process. The influence of computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing technology can be seen in how we live our everyday lives as consumers. It’s used to help manufacture nearly every mass produced consumer product on the planet. It also has a very important role in prototyping new designs and allowing engineers to create precision parts quicker and easier.


Young Inventor Turns to CAD CAM System for Design Innovation

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Easton LaChappelle Unlimited Tomorrow CAM System

Nineteen year old Easton LaChappelle isn’t your average teenager. At 14, his idea of fun was designing a robotic hand that he could control with his own hand through sensors and radio technology. Since then, his ideas and inventions have brought him face to face with the President of the United States, he’s fielded phone calls from world famous motivational speaker Tony Robbins, started his own business that is changing the artificial limbs industry, and he even works for NASA.